November; Where’s it at?

Here’s Novembers collection of words.

Injury – Caused by a coughing fit.

Downgrade – My Afterglow race, which I wasn’t really happy about but I knew it was for the best.


A full review will be posted soon.

Rehab – To get me stronger, so I can get back out there running.

Changing – My Gold Rush entry to volunteer status instead.

Reading – New Moon.  Forgot how much I prefer Jacob over Edward.

Unimpressed – with Rexona.  They give 10g less of stick deodorant to women than they do the men.  I think I’ll start using the men’s version instead.

Miss – Exercising.  Both the weights and the cardio.  Sure I have my exercises that I have to do for my rehab, but it’s not the same.

Eating – The same amount, even without the exercise.

Weight – I may have put on a few kilo’s.  This happens when you don’t exercise.

ballet_2016_0009Attended – My daughters ballet recital, and so impressed with how her dancing has come along.  She looks so grow up.

Organising – Kayla’s 10th birthday.  She’s going to be 10! When did this happen?! OMG I’ve been a parent for a decade. I feel so old.

Listening – To the Veronica’s.  Gez I forgot how awesome this Aussie duo are. Totally loving the song “on your side“.

Growing – So many awesome veggies in the garden.  Our sugar snap peas are being harvested, and they are so crunchy.

Over – Christmas carol’s, over the PA at work.  It’s just going to increase coming into December.

What words would you use to describe your November?


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