High Five Friday #41

Somehow in the crazy life that is mine, I forgot to do High Five Friday for August.

My last HFF was back in July, so it’s well overdue.

Here is what I give a high five to this Friday.

Five Pictures

  1. HFF#41
  2. A family win, at a recent club run event.
  3. Spring is in the air, finally!
  4. A spectacular day out in the Grampians for a trail run.
  5. Colouring in a bookmark supplied by Book Depository.
  6. #nevertrustapuddle.  My poor shoes are so very very dirty.

Five Links

.1. A Beginners Guide to Armstands

Armstands are a great foundation for building up to handstands.  They also make you stronger in the core.

DoYouYoga has done it again with this simple guide to solidify your arm stands.

.2 Eight True Fitness Tests

Think your fit? Well, here Runners World presents 8 tests to really test your fitness.

.3. Plyo Box Workouts

Got a plyo box? Don’t know what to do with it?

Well, Girls Gone Sporty has this fantastic Plyo Box Workout that will have you sweating and your legs dying.

It’s a Game Changer.

.4. Five Lessons Learned from the Slow Run

Now I’ve spoken about the lessons I’ve learned from Running Slow.

Audra from the Clymb will give you her reasons why you should slow your running pace.

I saved this article back in December 2015, yet I’ve only just discovered it hiding in the depths of my share-linking folder. So my apologies.

.5. Fear Holding you Back?

Nia Shanks has a No BullS!t / Tells you how it is approaching.  Some don’t like it, while others (like me), love her honesty.

Face Everything And Rise!

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