High Five Friday #40

It’s FriYay! So let’s give a High Five to Friday and all the sensational things that have happened this week.

I know it’s been a bit inconsistent with my High Five Fridays. Just keeping you on your toes.

So let’s get to it.

This is what I give a High Five to this Friday.

Five Pictures


.1. Meet Wrath, he’s angry.

He is a Geocaching Duck and is part of the limited edition 7 Deadly Ducks.  You can track his progress (or lack thereof) here.

.2. Me up the top of the Pinnacle a few weeks ago.  Yeah no view, just fog.

.3. I lost one of my Trailgaiters, just after Run Forrest.  So I decided to get a new set.  Loving this pattern.

.4. Miles made an aquarium, and I just love it. He can get really creative when he wants to be that is.

.5. The other day I had a craving for rice pudding.  It was then I realised that I hadn’t made chia pudding in ages.

While going through my photo archives, I discovered I took this photo over 2 years ago. You can find the recipe here – Cherry Chia Pudding

Five Video’s

Doing something different this HFF, and sharing some running-related videos that have come across my path lately.

.1. Salomon’s “It’s Just Running”

.2. The Perfect Pre-Run Warm Up

I found this one on Facebook. A dynamic warm-up every runner should do or incorporate into their warm-up.

.3. If you were a fan of Kacy on Ninja Warrior, then check our Jesse.

Jesse Wonder Woman Warrior

.4. Mandatory Gear

If you are a trail runner, you’d understand the reasonings behind Mandatory Gear.

Scotty gives advice on what he packs in his race pack.

.5. I’ve been doing all my trail running in the Grampians, and with the Wonderland Run coming up soon, I thought I would share my home turf.

What do you give a high five to this week?

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