5 Reasons to Run Slow

Ok so I admit it, I WAS one of those runners that ran too fast on their long runs.

Not anymore.

Now I love my slow runs.

Allowing myself to slow down has made me a stronger, faster and more efficient runner.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should be running slower.


When you build a house you need to have a solid foundation.

Without a sturdy base, your house could easily fall down.

The same applies to running.

If you want a solid running base, then running slow is key.

Run Further

Want to run further?  Then slow down.

When increasing distance on your long runs, you won’t burn out if you run at a slow pace.

By slowing down you will be able to cover more distance.

Run More

Want to run more? Then slow down.

Whether it’s adding more minutes, or an extra day to your training plan, by running slow, you increase your resistance to fatigue.

When we run more, we race faster.

Run Faster

Want to run faster?  Then slow down.

Running fast, puts a lot of strain on your body, physically & mentally, creating wear and tear.

When we run too hard too often, we don’t allow our bodies to recover. This in turn can cause injuries and other setbacks.

By slowing down on your long training runs, you won’t burn out, and you will recover quicker.

Running slow means that come race day, you will run faster.

Improve your Endurance

Slowing down allows you to improve your aerobic fitness and increase your endurance to fatigue.

Running slow helps to develop your ability to sustain high-intensity runs/workouts for longer.

Enjoy the Process

Run in the sun, run in the rain.  

Run when the sun is rising, or when it is set.

Run to enjoy yourself, and your surroundings.

If it’s too hard you are more likely to give up and throw in the towel.

Allow yourself to enjoy the run, and enjoy the process.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Run Slow”

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  2. I did have a bit of a giggle reading this all the while thinking your slow is still my ultra fast! haha. It’s all in perspective though I know.

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