5 Winter Running Essentials

Winter can be a challenge for some runners.

It is the season for colds, flu and other lurgies.

It’s easy just want to stay in a nice warm bed, or in front of the heater/fire. Drink hot drinks, and yummy foods, and curl up with a good book.

While it can take discipline and motivation to work out in the colder months, it will make working out in the hot sweaty summer months seem like a piece of cake.

Now some of us have the luxury of getting our runs in on a treadmill.  Alas, I am not one of them.

If I want to go for a run, then I have to go outside.

So what do you wear in Australian winters? Depending on where you live you could be wearing shorts & and a singlet to a long sleeve top, leggings and gloves.

There are websites like Dress My Run, that give you recommendations based on whether you being a male or female, and where you live.

Based on where I live here are my recommendations on what to wear in winter.

RunMum’s Winter Running Essentials

Winter Running

1. Thermals

You’ll want something that will cover your skin from the wind and cold, but that is also moisture wicking.

Some running bands do thermal running gear, otherwise, Merino is your sure bet to keep you warm on super cold days.

On days when it’s super cold, adding a singlet also helps to keep your core warm.

2. Thir / Hat / Beanie

During the winter months, I love wearing my Thir.  It’s not so much to keep my head warm but to keep my ears warm.

I love Thir’s because they are so versatile.  They can be a headband, a beanie or even a hankie.

3. Gloves

I always have cold hands and feet in winter.

However, on most of my runs, I don’t need to wear gloves as they usually warm up by around the 3km mark.

There are some days though when I do need them.

Look for gloves that are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and added bonus if they have conduction pads on the fingers so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone.

4. Rain Jacket

Instead of buying a treadmill (that will most likely end up as a clothes horse), invest in a good running jacket.

It will be far cheaper, and it will be something you will get plenty of use out of.

Look for a jacket that has 20,000 waterproofness and 20,000 breathabilities.

I have an Ultimate Directions Ultra Jacket (which I bought here).

This type of jacket will pass mandatory gear checks for races like Mont Blanc, Wonderland, & UTA.

5. Ankle Socks

If I’m wearing leggings, then I like to keep my ankles warm by wearing socks that cover my ankles.

This actually helps me to keep warm, especially out on the trails when I tend to go through mud and creek crossings.

What do you wear during the colder months to keep you warm?

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