Blog Everyday in January 2016

RunMumButtonI’m no stranger to blogging everyday in a month.

The first time I did it was back in May 2014.

Then I decided to do it again in Jan 2015.

Well a year has past. A year! Where has the time gone?

While challenging, it is also rewarding. Which is why I have decided to do it again this January.

Last year I created a list of table topics, that not only kept me organised, it also took the stress out of what to write.

RunMum-table-topicsIf you would like to blog everyday like lil’ crazy ‘ol me, then here is a list of table topics to help you get through.

  1. High Five Friday
  2. The Ultimate Coffee Date
  3. A review (book/movie/place)
  4. Mindful Monday
  5. A workout
  6. Your Goals
  7. A Playlist
  8. A recipe
  9. Would You Rather
  10. 10 Random Facts about me
  11. A picture
  12. A Memory
  13. A Dream
  14. A List
  15. You have 3 wishes, what would they be
  16. 3 adjectives to describe your day
  17. 3 adjectives to describe your family
  18. 3 adjectives to describe yourself
  19. What did you learn about yourself this week
  20. A new word you’ve learned

Yes I’m fully aware that there are 31 days in January.  So why have I only listed 20 topics?  Well, I have to give you some freedom to write what suits you.

From my experience I never wrote all the topics I set last year.  It’s nice to have the flexibility to write what you want to write, when you want to write it.

I also strongly recommend printing off a calendar, and noting down your topics (in pencil) on the days you plan to publish them.  This will also help to keep you organised.

To follow or join in on the twitter / instagram conversation use the hashtag #RMbloginJan.

Do you accept the Challenge?
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