A Year of Running: 2015

It is now week 52, with the end of 2015 fast approaching.

With the end of the year upon us how appropriate is it to reflect on the year that was, and its best moments.

  1. Afterglow
  2. Tough Mudder #4
  3. Roller Coaster Run
  4. Spartan Stadium
  5. Spartan Sprint

Best Race Experience

My best race experience would have to be Tough Mudder.

This was my 4th (and last) Tough Mudder.

I went in knowing I would be a single racer.  I ended as a team of 5 strong.

What was different about this event was my attitude.  It didn’t matter how slow I went, I made sure to enjoy every moment.  And every moment I did.

Runner up

Wings for Life World Run.

I had high expectations with this run, and while it wasn’t the “best” experience, I learned a lot from this run, and that is when it comes in 2nd.

Best Run

This was a toss-up between the Mosaic to Mountain Trail and Afterglow.


I’ve decided that my best run was Mosaic to Mountain, for a few reasons.

  • It’s my home ground (sort of).
  • It has a great atmosphere
  • I’ve been doing it for 3 years (this year being my 3rd)
  • It supports the local community
  • It’s a trail run

Runner up

Is not Afterglow.  Yep, that’s right (you’ll see).

Runner-up goes to Spartan Sprint. I ran this particular event with RMA Julie (who I had never met until that day).  It was her first ever Spartan. I helped her get through obstacles that she may not have conquered on her own.

Best New Piece of Running Gear

Quantum Belt

With the warmer weather approaching, I needed a belt for my middle-distance runs. The UltrAspire Quantum Belt is the bee’s knees.  The ant’s pants.

Runner up

UltrAspire Astral Womens Vest
Ok, so I haven’t done a review on this yet either (hides head in shame – it’s coming I promise).  I got it, as an alternative to my Salomon Vest.

Best Running Advice You’ve Received


Such a simple word, but one I think that many people forget.

Runner up


I think we put too many expectations on ourselves.  To perform, to get that personal best.

Let go of the expectations and remember why you started, then you will truly enjoy your experience.

Most Inspirational Runner

Gosh, there are just too many of you.  However, the girls in RMA are an inspiration.  We all inspire each other.

Runner up

You who are reading this.

Favourite Picture from a Run or Race this Year

This was from a 5km club run, which I ended up winning (outright female, 2nd over the line, and won on handicap).

Race Experience You Would Repeat in a Heartbeat

Hands down Afterglow.

This run was so much fun.

I trained specifically for this event, as I’m not an evening runner.

The weather was perfect.

The sunset was amazing.

And it’s a trial event.

I went in with no expectations, but to just run it and enjoy it.  And enjoy it I did.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?

Fun, Challenging, Trail, Bush.

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