Wonderland Run Recap

2015 saw the inaugural Wonderland Run on my home turf, The Gariwerd/Grampians National Park.

Now because I’m a local I decided to volunteer for the event, as I can run the tracks at any time.  Sure I might not get a medal, but that’s ok with me.

The Wonderland Run has 3 events on offer, which ran over the last weekend of August (29th & 30th) 2015.

The Saturday event was held in the afternoon, and was the Fyan’s Flat 8km Run.

The run covered part of the 20 & 36km course and is a great introductory trail run.  (Or for others a warm-up to the longer distances the following day).

The Sunday event (held in the morning) saw 2 distances.

The 20km Sundialers, and the 36km Rosea Radness.


Both runs started at school road, where you take the track then up through Venus bath, over Stony Creek, into the wonder of the Grand Canyon to get to the magnificent Pinnacle.  

The distance then splits at Sundial.  Where the 20kers head back down the mountain while the 36kers tackle Mt Rosea, before making their descent to Borough Huts Camp Ground, then the back of Bellfield dam towards Delley Bridge, then back into town.

As a photographer, I had so much fun.  I enjoyed hiding in little nooks and crannies.  Some people saw me, others didn’t.

My mission was just to capture those doing what I love to do. Run.


Fastest Times


Male – 1h 42m 43s
Female – 2h 02m 40s

Rosea Radness

Male – 3h 30m 42s
Female – 3h 41m 10s

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