Run to Paradise

In 1988, Australian Rock band The Choir Boys, released a song called “Run to Paradise”. It’s a ripper of a song, seriously, go add it to your playlist now.

Two things happen, that planted a seed for this project. However, I don’t remember in which order.

  1. While volunteering for Wonderland, this song came on at one of the aid stations. I rediscovered the love for it.
  2. We drove to St Arnaud one day and subsequently drove through Paradise. I thought to myself, I wonder how far it is to Paradise, and if any has run there.

I later learnt it’s 46km from Stawell to Paradise or 30km from St Arnaud.

Too far, I told myself.

Fast forward to 2021.

This year marks a special year for me. You see, it’s my run anniversary aka runniversary, and so to celebrate a decade of running, I thought I would do something memorial.

Paradise is a small locality town 46km from my home town of Stawell.

What better way to celebrate your runniversary that to take on a big adventure.

The plan is on the weekend of the 5/6 June, I will Run to Paradise. It will be my first official marathon. I say official because I will be training for it specifically. It is also unofficial because it’s not an event.

I’ve enlisted the help of coach Zoey at Operation Move, with a custom training plan.

One thing I learnt from training my Ultra back in 2019 that training for something like this you have to train smarter, not harder. Which is why I think having a coach is so important. Not only does Zoey keep my accountable, because believe me, but there will also be moments where I just don’t want to. But the feedback and guidance are also important.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find weekly wrap ups on my training.

Do celebrate your runniversaries?

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