High Five Friday #24

It’s been a cracking week.

Wonderland run, Spring, what’s not to love?!


Five Pictures

They are all Wonderland Run-related.

  1. The stairs of the Grand Canyon
  2. Jumping for Joy on the Stony creek Bridge
  3. Male lead runner for the 36km event
  4. The stairs coming into the Stony creek Bridge (3km into the run)
  5. RMA superstar, running the track to the Sundial checkpoint.

Five Links

  1. This article was posted in November 2014.  Err, I’m not too sure why I never shared it earlier. But I shall share it now – 10 tips for running in the heat.
  2. For my birthday I decided to invest in a heart rate monitor (for my polar).  I’m starting to wear it more and more.  I think heart rate training is important, so looking at the Maffetone method I think will also enhance my training.
  3. Speedwork is essential for any runner.  I have various interval training sessions like this one. This workout is a pyramid workout, and let me tell you it will get you working, and it’s a workout you really have to concentrate on your pace on.  Check it out here.
  4. Tight hips, try one of these 5 stretches to loosen them up. I have to say pigeon is a fav of mine, and happy baby is another winner.
  5. What I love about yoga is that every pose can be modified to suit you. Christine tells us of 12 ways to modify yoga poses.

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