Running and Hydration Misfortunes

Hydration is important for anyone regardless if you are a runner or not.

However the last few weeks I have had one hydration disaster after another, and all I can do about it is laugh.  And of course blog about my misfortune.

So here is what not to do.

Four Running Hydration Misfortunes

1. Consume your Hydration / Electrolyte Drink within 24 hours

If you are going to mix a hydration/electrolyte drink (like endura, or isowhey), make sure you drink it within 24 hours.

There is a reason why it says on the bottle/tub to consume your drink within 24 hours.  These drinks can and will go off / mouldy.

I discovered this after drinking my Endura drink mix two days after I made it.  It tasted FOUL! Then I saw the mould, on the inside of my drink bottle.  Yeah GAG!

2. Test your Hydration Bladder BEFORE your race

During the Mosaic to Mountain Trail run, I couldn’t understand why I was getting dribbles out of my hydration bladder.

It wasn’t until we got home and we took it out that we discovered a kink in the straw.  However, this was the least of my hydration bladder issues.

I should have checked it was working correctly like others were doing around me at the time. If I had checked it I would have been able to get it working.

This brings me to 3

3. Check for Blockages

So that kink in my straw was the least of my problems.

The problem was a small piece of broccoli that had gotten caught in the opening of my drinking straw.

How this small piece of broccoli got in there I do not know.  But it was the cause of my hydration woes.

Always check your hydration bladder for anything that is blocking any of the openings. Even for food.

4. Just because you don’t Sweat doesn’t mean you are not Dehydrated

I love to book a massage a few days after a big event.  My masseur told me my back was extremely dry and was soaking up the oil.

It was then I told her about my hydration bladder issues, and she said that that would explain why the skin on my lower back was soaking up all the oil.

So keep those things in mind the next time you get your bladder out.

Have you had any hydration misfortunes? If so comment below

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  1. I unfortunately had a bladder problem one time. I had a lemon water mix in mine and thought I had gotten it all out. Well, needless to say, the next time I used it weeks late…it was a no go. Cleaning it seemed impossible so I just threw it out and bought a new one. I won’t mix anything in my Camelbak anymore.

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