High Five Friday #22

I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately as my camera needs to go into repair. Might be time to upgrade. So excuse some of the crappy quality camera phone images. Sometimes they just have to do.

But let’s give these things a High Five this week.

Five Pictures


1. My Goodness Me Box arrived.  This was one of the items I get to try.  I will be doing a review on each item, so watch this space.

2. My dad took this photo of Kayla and me.  I love unposed natural shots like this one.

3. Miles is becoming such a great drawer.  We are going to have to frame this one for its pure awesomeness. (It’s a rocketship and aliens).

4. Had such a magical sunrise while walking to work.

5. My new plyometric box, fits nicely in my fitness corner. It’s going to get lots of good use.

Five Things

1. Running – I came across this back in June.  Since I have just run a half (trail) marathon I thought I would share it.  Running a Half Marathon as told by emoji’s

2. Trail Running – So what do Trail running and Tough mudder have in common? More than you think.  So if you are doing a Tough Mudder (I’m doing another one in October), then start hitting those trails.

3. Nutrition – Want a nutritional philosophy to live by, then check out Liz Wolfe’s Good Nutrition in 100 Words.

4. Something Fun – So I’m a fan of recycling.  So when I came across this post of a pair of brothers reusing the same birthday card, I laughed, but thought “ingenious!”

5. RunMum – 3 years ago I was rocking out to these tunes.

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