SAAC Recap: David O Jones

So last week I mentioned that this weeks club run would be the Steve Baird Handicap.

Er well I was mistaken.  I forgot that there was a change in the syllabus and 2 races had to have a swap.

The distance was still 5km, but there was no uphill finish.  Instead of Steve’s run, it was the David O Jones handicap.

With the last run for Autumn it was one on the cool side.  I had to bring out the running gloves to keep my hands warm at the start.

Miles decided not to run, because 1, I told him it was 2km (as I thought it was Steve’s run), and 2, his asthma has been playing up with the cold weather.

When we discovered it was only 1km, SAAC DOJones 2015 (2)he still decided to sit this one out (possibly because of his runners high from his win a few weeks previous).

Kayla however was determined to give it a go. She just loves to run.

This girl is getting faster that’s for sure.  She was running too fast for my warm up run, but she ran so well.

As for me, well I was feeling good, and I knew I wasn’t in it to win it.  SAAC DOJones 2015 (1)I just wanted to keep a sub 5 minute pace, and run by feel.

I covered the 5km is 24:17, with an average 4:51 pace.

Keith H, one of the coaches (now retired from running), said to me “I know it seems like I’m nit picking, but lift your arms up a bit higher, it will help you to go faster”.

He also told me that I’m running really well, and getting faster.  This coming from a man who has run for 50 years, is definitely a good thing.

There is no club run this weekend due to the Queens Birthday long weekend.

That’s not going to stop me from getting out there and going for a run.



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