Run June

There is no doubt about it that I like a challenge.

I have done a few challenges, but nothing like this before.

For June I have decided to mix things up and make it a Run June Challenge.

In June I will do the following:

  • Run every day (minimum distance 1km)
  • Run 13km on my birthday (13th June)
  • Run a virtual race (100km Let’s Help Nepal)
  • Run a total of 150km

Running a total of 150km will be the most I have ever run, but that averages out to 5km a day, 37.5km a week.

I’ve also enlisted the support of the RMA Facebook community.  I posted there last night that I was doing a challenge if anyone wanted to join could.  Well, it exploded (in a good way).

I’m seriously blown away by all that want to give this challenge a go.

So why a 1km minimum?  

Because 1km is anywhere from 5-8 minutes to do.  Which really isn’t a huge time constraint.  We can all spare that time, even if it’s just running around in the backyard.

Is walking allowed?

 If it means you are moving or covering the required distance, then I’m not fussed if you have to walk it.

How will you know that I’ve covered that distance?  

Well at the end of the day only you will know.  So don’t cheat yourself.

I will be recording my distances on strava and also on the Facebook event page.

Let’s do this.  Let’s run this town!

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