SAAC Recap: Community Axis

I’m really enjoying the change in run club times from afternoons to mornings.

It’s also great to see new members and returning members.

The weather was spectacular! Perfect running temperature, cool but not cold (unless you were standing around), and the sun was out and shining.  The wind was icy but dropped by the time it came to run.

Miles decided he didn’t want to run the club run because “I ran yesterday” at the school fun run.

Kayla on the other hand did want to.  She did amazing at the school fun run, running with kids older than her.

So there is no surprise that she also won this week’s sub junior race.  She’s been running quite well, and I see a future of running for her.

This week the club run was the Community Axis 5km Handicap. In the past, this event has been held in Horsham.  This year the event was run out in Stawell’s Ironbarks, starting at Three Jacks Track reserve.

The sub-junior were off first, and their track was a 1km there and back course.

I ran the track with Kayla, but just not at her pace (as she was going way too fast for a warm-up).  Kayla ran strong and ended up pipping Olivia with less than 30m to go, getting her on the inner corner of the track.

That makes 3 weeks in a row that his household has won.  Must be something in the water.

The senior event covered 5km and was a loop course.  I must say that this track has to be one of my favourites.  Having won on this track twice before could have something to do with it.

Would I win this race?  If I wanted to win I knew I had a challenge ahead of me.

I felt like a ran a solid run, and I’m really happy with how I performed.  I didn’t win, but I did run a negative split, chasing down Keith over the last 100m.

This run felt effortless for once, and I also felt strong.  Those a two things that I haven’t really experienced before, especially in a race environment.


This run just reinforces my power word of the year.
I finished this race with power, strength and of course a smile on my face.

Next week brings us the Steve Baird Handicap, and a hard uphill finish.

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