Speedwork Sessions #5

If you want to get faster, then incorporating a speedwork session into your training will help you to get faster.

It’s been a while since I last posted a speedwork session.  I’m going to change that and it will now be a monthly thing.

Monday nights is my speedwork night.  A group of us meet at Central park and Bobby tells us about the training session for the night.

This particular session was short, and involved lots of walking, but was fun. Fun and speedwork don’t normally go hand in hand, but I really enjoyed this workout.

Sure my overall pace was slow, but that was only because walking (and lots of it) was involved.

There is no shame in walking, in fact, walking helps you to push yourself to go faster when you need it.


Enjoy the walk breaks, I know I did.

11 thoughts on “Speedwork Sessions #5”

  1. I actually love speed work and I think it is fun! It feels great when you are done and such a sense of accomplishment! Not sure if you knew, but your pre-workout sprints are called Strides!

    1. I find doing speedwork sessions with other people only encourages you to get faster too. I use to hate speedwork sessions, but in a group I push myself a little bit more, and I have to say without these fast sessions, my times would not gotten faster

  2. I’m not a runner at all, but I can see how this session could actually be fun. In short bursts running could actually be tolerable and dare I say enjoyable 🙂 I also think it would be great fun to do an activity like this with a group.

    1. I use to be a short distance runner in my junior years. When I became a mum it transitioned to long distance.
      I would love to get back to the track, but the track meeting day is a Tuesday and it clashes with swimming and dinner time, which is a bummer.

  3. I try to do speed work at least once a week. I’ve definitely noticed that it has made a difference in not only helping with my running speed but also my endurance during longer runs.

    1. When I first started out running, speedwork sessions I loathed. Tempo runs no problems.
      Now that I do regular speedwork sessions, I’m actually enjoying them. I like this one cause it’s short. There have been other ones that are really long and tough, but they all help.

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