Product Review: Trail Gaiters

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So what is a Gaiter?

A gaiter is a garment worn over your shoe.

It can cover your pants or just your sock.

You’ll see soldiers, hikers, runners, and sometimes walkers use them.

They are designed to stop mud, seeds, sticks, and debris from getting into your shoe.

Which is why they are the perfect gift for anyone that loves to hit the trails.  Because believe me there is nothing worse than getting something in your shoe when you are a runner.

The likelihood of getting debris in your shoe from a road race is very small.

Out on the trails, however, it is a different story.

I’ve done my fair share of trail running without gaiters, and I thought I was fine. That was until I decided to get myself some gaiters.


After some recommendations from running friends, I settled with an Aussie Company called Trail Gaiters.

You can find them on Facebook here – Trail Gaiters.

They have a lot of fun designs, but I decided on the black and white polka dot print.  Fun, quirky and retro, just like me.

They are designed with Velcro at the back (placed on the shoe), with a clip at the front which attaches to the top of your shoe laces.

The Verdict?

I wished I got these gaiters when I got my trail shoes.  Seriously. They do exactly the job they are supposed to do, stop debris from getting into my shoe.

Why is this important?

Well as mentioned previously getting something in your shoe is like the pea and the princess story.  When you get something in your shoe, even if it’s tiny, you can still feel it, and it’s irritating. Depending on where the debris has travelled in your shoe, it will most likely rub against your foot and cause unnecessary blisters.

Who wants blisters? Yeah, not I.

The gaiters however will help prevent this.  They also look pretty cool.

The only constraint is the minor sweating from the lack of airflow around your ankles, however, this is a common problem in ALL gaiters. Though very minor the pros outweigh this con.

Do you have gaiters?
What are your thoughts on them?

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