High Five Friday #1

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’ve never done a High Five Friday post before, but after reading quite a few High Five Friday posts on Happy Fit Mumma and Love Life Surf, I figured it’s a fun way to see the positive things that have happened during the week.

So to celebrate the end of another week, here is my list of high fives.

High Five Friday #1

Five Photo’s

This week has been a week of deliveries. Who doesn’t like mail?!

  1. I got my delivery from wiggle. If they are going to have a sale, then I shall buy some pants.  I was wanting some pants that were good for a walk, and a more casual fit.  I chose a puma pair (pictured), and a ronhill pair.  The puma have more a flare leg, while the ronhill have a straight leg. I love them both.
  2. 2/3 of my barbell set arrived.  I’m still waiting on one more box, which of course is the box with the heavier weights.  Having a barbell makes doing leg day so much more enjoyable in the “make my legs go to jelly” way.
  3. I was asked to do a review on this product. I will be testing it out on my long runs.  So look out for a product review soon.
  4. New 5km pb! Totally smashed my sub 22min time.  You can read more about the run here.
  5. Hair cut! It’s been 6 months! Since going the No ‘Poo method though my hair has never been so healthy. However, there is nothing like a haircut and getting it straightened to make you feel extra special.

Five Things

  1. I will what I want by Under Armour, it’s a reminder that you don’t need permission, advice, or affirmation when you the WILL.
  2. The 30 day Jump Rope Challenge on A Shot of Adrenaline.
    I don’t own a skipping rope, but seeing some of the tricks that these can do, makes me want to go out and try them.
  3. Madelyn Moon – She was featured on episode 99 of The Paleo View Podcast.  She is an utter inspiration, and absolutely gorgeous, with one smoking body.
  4. Local Runner wins international race. Kieran is a running friend of mine and is also a member of the Stawell Amateur Athletic Club (aka SAAC).  He is currently overseas on a running scholarship.  He’s an amazing runner and is doing a stellar job at promoting the Grampians.
  5. Shake it off by Taylor Swift.  I love Taylor, so it’s safe to say that I totally love her new song, and I’m so excited for her new album 1989. Shake it off is a good reminder to nobody else but you.

What five things are you high-fiving this week?

7 thoughts on “High Five Friday #1”

  1. Shake it off is a great song! I know people give Taylor a lot of crap, but I like her and think she does a great job of being a celebrity role model.
    Love your hair! I’ve never had my hair straightened because there is no point I have the naturally straightest hair you could imagine, LOL However, I love to get it done and have waves put in it!

    1. My hair is straight, but I like how it looks (and feels) when it gets straightened dead straight. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail anyway, so it’s not often I’ll have my hair down.

  2. What is not to love about a parcel coming from Wiggle. Good choices! I love having my hair straightened, as short as it is, it feels oh so silky afterwards. I have a straightener here but can never get it to look the same. So what am I high fiving this week – I am still 100 percent perfect on the no junk food, fast food, pastry, white bread, cake, lolly, chocolate (etc) August – I’m on holidays from work, got to love that – I have a list of things I want to do while I’m on holidays and get great satisfaction checking it off – I’m loving waking up when my body wants to wake up of a morning while on hols, rather than the alarm clock, which funnily enough has been about the same time anyway – and I’ve been enthused in the kitchen this week the freezer is looking mighty fine!

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