Speedwork Sessions #2

Since I have committed myself to regularly doing interval training.

There is no doubt that these speed exercises have dramatically improved my pace and performance.

I credit Bobby’s Monday Night interval training group workouts.  His sessions have dramatically improved my speed and endurance.

Without these sessions, I doubt I would have gained a new 5km PB during the SAAC Andrew Darnell Memorial race last weekend.

Today’s Speedwork session is a group favourite, and can be done easily on a track, or oval.


What’s your favourite speedwork / interval training at the moment?

3 thoughts on “Speedwork Sessions #2”

  1. Great speed work, maybe this will help you get 1st in that next upcoming race??? I am of course not doing speed workout right now, but when I get to that point I have a couple types of speed workouts I really enjoy doing.

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