High Five Friday #50

Happy High Five Friday everyone!

Welcome to the 50th Edition of High Five Friday.

These posts have gone from weekly, to fortnightly to monthly to whenever.  I know a bit all over the place.

So let’s celebrate this week’s High Five Friday with these Five things.

Five Pictures

  1. Took the kids out to Lake Lonsdale for an exploration. They had fun climbing this fallen tree.
  2. Sisters Rock is located just outside of town.  It has some historical graffiti but also lots of bogan graffiti.
  3. It was a frosty start to my long run on this particular day.  This was the field I had just crossed.  While a cold start, it ended up being a glorious day.
  4. While out exploring a new possible route for a run, I came across this old storage container.  I have no idea how old it is, but I would love to know its story.
  5. Visiting Kalmyna Falls, this was the walk back to the car.

Five Past High Five Fridays

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