SAAC Race Recap: Run For Ray

Run for Ray is a run dedicated to Ray Scott, a local runner and member of SAAC, who tragically died from a heart attack while on a training run.

While I never met or knew Ray, those who knew him, spoke highly of him, and his memory is strong within the club.

Last year the Run for Ray event was held out in Troopers Creek.  It was wet, cold and miserable. We decided after the event not to have it again on that track.  Since then a bush fire ripped through that area, so that made it certain we wouldn’t be running that track again.

The race was moved back into town, and was the same track as the Youngs Sports Power race that was held in September last year.


It is winter, but the weather was not like it was last year.  Instead it was more of a 4 seasons in one day kinda day. Sun was out, there were light showers, a cold breeze, but that meant one muddy track.

Last year I got a new 10km pb on this track.  Same track different conditions = different time.

Sure I didn’t get a pb, but I did run it in under 50mins.  That’s a start considering I did a big race last weekend, and I had been ill.

My legs had it in me, but my lungs felt like “what are you doing”.  The endurance will slowly come back in time.

The sub-juniors ran first, with a distance of 1km to cover. Kayla did fantastic.  She came in 3rd based on handicap, and ran that km in 6:04.  What a champion.

We decided not to let Miles run, as he had a asthma attack where we had to take him to hospital for monitoring earlier in the week, and we just wanted to play it safe.  He was quite content playing iPad.

run-for-ray-14This event was a sealed handicap, and also a Championship run *.  So we all started off together.

What I like about sealed handicap’s is that they make you work harder to keep up to the faster person in front of you.

I tired to kept my pace solid, however the track it’s winter, and we had recent rain and there were parts of the course that were wet and muddy.  The track would have been perfect for my trail shoes.  Oh well next time.

run-for-ray-42At the hill around the 5km mark, I charged past Charlie.  That made me happy, at least I know all that hill training is starting to take effect.

I will admit I got tired during the end, but in the end I was still happy to get a sup 50min time.  Didn’t quite run a negative split, more so an even split. You can view my garmin data here.



1 – Points gained from a championship race will decide the winner of the Championship trophy

2 thoughts on “SAAC Race Recap: Run For Ray”

  1. I really like how your race series are ran there, with handicapps and points. We don’t have anything like that here, not that I know about at least. Sounds like a very interesting but fun way to go into races:)
    Also, great re cap, what a great race to be dedicated to the remembrance of someone in the community.

    1. I know the handicapping is similar that of horse racing.
      Essential, everyone finishes at the same time, so to improve you need to improve on your own time, which is great, cause it gives everyone a go.

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