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The fine spring weather is upon us, and I’m totally loving it and enjoying it.

For the 2nd the last club run for the season – Young Sports Power 10km Sealed Championship, the spring weather was out in full force, and we were totally soaking it up.

This club run was also extra special for me, as my parents had come up to visit us for the weekend. The kids loved having them up, and my parents enjoyed spending time with their grandkids too.

I forewarned my mum to bring running gear.  Yes, she is a runner (if you didn’t already know that), and I knew she would enjoy a run totally out of her element. See where she lives is flat as flat.  So coming out to where I live and running on hilly trails is right out of her element.

The last championship run was partly held on the track that I fell over last Monday.  Yeah, I fell over, as in blood and all.

Fell over at 3km on a 10km run. Powered on #ididit #runchat

— Matilda Iglesias (@MatildaIglesias) September 2, 2013

It happens, and it looks worst than it actually is.

Anyway, when I discovered where the club run was going to be I made sure I didn’t fall over again.

As this was a sealed race, we all ran off at the same time.  The kiddies as well. They are use to me running with them, but they understood we were all doing it together, and they were ok with that.

Both kids did a fantastic job in their 1km race.  Kayla ran all of it in an impressive time of 5:59, an excellent job for my 6-year-old girl. Such a great job in fact that she came 1st based on handicap.  She was thrilled to hear her name being called.  She was even more excited to discover she got a goody bag from Sports Power (thanks Robyn & Shane).

Miles also ran beautifully.  With his little legs and asthma, he did it (even though he wanted to be carried). He completed the run in a time of 8:53. Ok so he came in last based on time, but he wasn’t last on handicap.  We still gave him a certificate of participation, which he was thrilled about.

As for me, I completed the run in a time of 48:24, which is a 10km PB for me.  I did go faster at the start (must work on that) than I intended, but overall I was happy with my pace.

Miles was adorable, giving everyone high fives at the very end, that’s my boy, he’s a cutie for sure.

Those hills really tested mum, but you know what she did a fantastic job, and I’m so proud of her.

Like Mother Like Daughter I guess.
The next club run (Big Hill) brings the race season for 2013 to an end 🙁


6 thoughts on “Young Sports Power”

  1. I didn’t know your mum was a runner! I think that is awesome!!! How much fun to race together, I love it! Sorry about the big ouch, looks painful. But I say if you are going to get injured a little blood is better than a twisted ankle or worse injury:)
    Congrats on both of your finishes in the race!!!

    1. Yeah my mum has been a runner since I was at least a teenager, possibly even earlier. She’s not as fast as she use to be, but you know what that doesn’t matter, at least she’s out there. And I love that we can do something together.
      I tell you what, I ran my fastest km after I fell over, go figure.

      1. That is great! My dad used to be a runner, I wish I could run with him today. But knee replacement has made it so he cannot.
        That is pretty awesome about the fastest km being after the fall!

        1. There is a product called the eliptigo it’s like an eliptical but also like a bike. You use it outside. It was designed by a runner who couldn’t run anymore b/c of the impact. They too had reconstruction surgery. They hated that they couldn’t run, so they designed it. I think it’s pretty cool, costs about $2500 though, but if you think about it, you can spend that much on a treadmill anyway.

  2. That’s so awesome that you all run together! Congrats again on the PR!
    Your knee looks like it’s one of those scrapes that burns in the shower, and is oh so stiff in the mornings! Hopefully it’ll heal fast.

    1. The Kids enjoy it, and it’s a family club, so yeah we all have a great time. Hopefully they’ll continue running as they get older.
      The skin on the knee is still a bit stiff. Helping out with the school kids at the pool doesn’t help though, but it will heal… eventually.

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