The long run before SCTM

The Surf Coast Trail Marathon is a new event for the 2014 running calendar.

The Surf Coast Trail Marathon is inaugural off road running event offering a marathon (42.2km) and a half marathon (21.1km) distances along the Surf Coast Walk, which starts in Torquay and finishes in Fairhaven, Victoria.

I’m not too sure how I found out about it, but I’m glad I did.  The course will run along the Surf Coast Walk.

My reasons for doing this run as because I enjoy trail running and I want to explore more of it.
When I read their FAQ in the event guide these points had me sold on the event:

  • Smile. You’re doing this for fun, remember?
  • Be nice to yourself. You’re a legend for just getting out there.
  • No whinging if it’s cold and wet. It’s winter. Suck it up, princess.
  • Road runners: whilst this is an ‘easy ‘ trail marathon course, there are short sections of earth that do approach the meaning of ‘incline’…suck it up princess. They are butt pimples on this home we call earth. Beautiful pimples with great views, usually.

After reading that, I just HAD to do this event.

Little did I know that when I registered for the event I would end up with 2 rounds of Tonsillitis and a cold thrown in the mix.

So that training plan I had in place, well that got thrown out the window.

With tonsillitis behind me and feeling better I knew that I would have to get a long run in.

On Wednesday I laced up the Brooks, put on the skins, and the Salomon vest (the zipper broke, but a safety pin saved the day!). Filled the bladder with water. Made sure I had my amazeballs and gu in my pockets.  Then I put on my headphones with RockMyRun and took off for my run.

My aim was to run for 90-100mins, it didn’t matter how slow I went.  I wanted to get at least that amount of time in.

I stopped twice to take photos, but other than that my run was a success.

One part of the track was seriously “off the beaten track”, I won’t be taking that part of the track again for sure.  It started off good, then it kind of vanished, I think I ended up taking an animal track.  And I definitely ran past something that died, wow did it stink!

Overall I’m very happy with how the run went.  Even if I run this pace on event day, I’ll still manage to get a 2h15m time.

I’ll take it.

4 thoughts on “The long run before SCTM”

  1. I love their description of the race, that would put a smile on my face and make me interested too:) Sounds like it is going to be beautiful along the coast! I think you are due for some great health on a race day, so I’ll be sending you cheers of good luck from the states next week:)

    1. We’ve had some serious winter weather here, so it should be interesting on race day, but such is life.
      I’m looking forward to the weekend, lets get this done!

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