Bellfield Fireline

For my last long run before Tough Mudder I thought I would tackle the 2nd half of the 21km Run The Gap Trail Run. The Bellfield Fireline.

I started at Tunnel Road, Pomonal side, and made my way over the mountain towards Tandara Road.

It was quite an adventure.  About 100m in from taking this photo I stopped to remove a branch that was blocking the track.  It was hanging by bark alone.  I figured it would make for good Tough Mudder training.

The only problem was, once I got it out of the way, I forgot to restart my watch.  I didn’t realise this until about 500 meters later when I looked at my watch expecting to hear for the 1km lap when I got nothing. (Yes I can tell when I’ve run for time and distance.) Oh well it happens, I just kept moving.

Once I got to the other side, I encountered a bushwalker.  I nodded hello while he let me pass (I was going downhill) and made my way.

Normally when I’m out running I barely come across anyone.  This time around was not the case.  It’s quite possibly because I was running later than I normally would. Usually, when I go out running it’s around 8-9 am.  This time around it was more like 11 am.

About the halfway point I bumped into a group of bushwalkers who were heading towards Tunnel Rd.  They wanted to know how much further. I told them about 5kms, and to expect 2 big hills around the corner.

It was then the skies opened up and it poured with rain.  I didn’t mind, it was already humid, and I was already hot, so the coolness of the cold rain was a welcomed relief.

I really enjoyed this run, yes the hills were hard, and I did stop and walk for some of the hills, but overall I powered through this run, and I look forward to doing it again.

Enjoy the images I took along the way.

The only disappointing thing was discovering I partly damaged my shoe (insert sad face), but that’s just an excuse to go shoe shopping. I think trail shoes are a must now.

When was the last time you hit the trails?
Do you own trail shoes?
Are you planning on participating in Run the Gap?

5 thoughts on “Bellfield Fireline”

  1. Looking forward to the trail run, scenery looks fantastic. Havent done much trail running, but training on scrub and sand tracks, so should have some toughness in the legs by then. What sort of trail shoes would be the best to consider?

    1. So have you signed up for the run the gap trail?
      You’ll be fine with normal running shoes. But if you are serious in getting into trail then invest in some trail shoes. I’m just about to order the salomon speedcross 3.
      If you are near a running specialist like running fit (melb) or the running company (geelong) def check them out. I say these 2 cause they are the 2 I’ve been too, but there are lots of other stores in Melb that will test your gait.
      You’ll love it.

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  3. I have signed up for the trail run. I did the 12k last year and had already nominated for the 12k again this year, but as soon as I saw the 21k trail run option, I had my registration changed. Probably didn’t think about as much as I should have, but it seems like a good challenge, one that I know I can do but as for time who knows, thinking around 2.5 – 3 hours. If im near those stores will go in for a look definently. You were saying in an earlier post that your helping organise run the gap this year, do you know where drink stations might be positioned for the trail run?

    1. The 2nd half of the trail will test you. It’s very roller coaster (up then down, then up then down).
      Kieran and I ran it (I did a blog about it a few weeks ago), and we did it in under 3 hours. Keep in mind we did lots of walking (see the blog post for details).
      Yes I’m on the committee, and although I wont be running it, I will be starting it off.
      Drink stations will be at the 10km mark and then not again until around 20km. Any runner entering the trail run will need to carry a minimum of 500ml of water, whether via hand, belt, vest or pack.
      You’ll love it all the same.

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