Tough Mudder Checklist

Well, it’s here, it has arrived. In 2 days’ time (Sunday) I and my team will be accepting the challenge of Tough Mudder. For others, they will be completing their challenge tomorrow (Saturday)

This will mark my 2nd Tough Mudder event, but it will also be my first as a part of a team. Go Team Pinnacle!


Before the event

  • Training
    • Start a half marathon training plan (don’t worry about time, you just want to get the distance into your legs).
    • Weight training ie pull-ups, burpees, lunges, squats.
    • Train in weather that is hot, cold & most importantly – wet.
  • Practice training with fuel
    • Bananas will be supplied on the course however you may need a pick me up before you get to a fuel station.
    • Test out what works for you, as some of you may prefer real food, and others may be fine with gels.
  • Print off your ticket. Also, store it on your phone via dropbox or google drive (just in case)
  • Print off your death waiver (and a spare, you just never know when you will need it).
Tough Mudder Melbourne aka Phillip Island, and yes you may see fairy/little penguins.


Race Day

In your Tough Mudder bag make sure you have the following:

  • Tough Mudder ticket
  • Signed & initialed Death Waiver
  • Cash
    • This is for parking & anything you may want to buy
    • Atm’s will be available however just bring cash
  • Old DriFit Clothing
    • It will get muddy stained, dirty, and possibly even damaged.  So don’t wear your good threads.
  • Old running shoes
    • The type of shoes you can donate/giveaway at the end of the race
    • Yes a skip will be supplied for you to donate your ‘muddy’ shoes
  • Towel x2
    • 1 large, 1 small
  • Shower stuff
    • The shower gel is supplied however it’s not much, so just bring your own
  • Change of clothes
    • Check the weather, and bring something warm to wear.
  • Sunscreen
    • I forgot to bring this last time, and I got a wind burn. Sunscreen would have prevented this.
  • Hat & Gloves
    • This is totally optional. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a hat. It will just get in the way with some obstacles
    • If you choose to wear gloves, make sure they are weight-lifting ones, and ones that you don’t care about will get ruined by mud and water.
  • Food & Drink
    • Yes, there will be caravans with food supplies. However you may not like what is on offer, but I bet you won’t care cause you will seriously be starving.
    • Personally, I hope the crepe van is there again. Oh my word, the prosciutto crepe I had was divine!
    • If you, however, suffer from allergies or food sensitivities then I strongly recommend bringing your own food to enjoy after you complete the race.

Most importantly go out have fun and CRUSH IT!

8 thoughts on “Tough Mudder Checklist”

  1. Awesome, good luck!! Can’t wait to hear about it! (I’m scared for you all to get shocked at the finish, that always looks so brutal).

  2. How exciting!! I’ve never done the official Tough Mudder but a similar one back in college called the dirty dash. It was way more tame then the Tough Mudder but still super duper fun and I did it in a team which was so much more fun.

    1. last year I entered on my own, but I ended up teaming up with another person (Isaac), who also was a single person. We helped each other and we had a great time.
      So glad I have a team this time around.

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