Feb 2014 – Running Stats

After a disappointing January, I’m pleased to state that I’m happy with my running results for February.

There is no denying that the main reason that I’m happy with my running results is that I got to map a 21km trail run for an upcoming event (I will post a blog about it soon). I’m so excited about this run, it was hard, but it was so worth it. So watch this space because it will be released once I get the all-clear that it’s going ahead. (Fingers crossed it’s very very soon).

Running 21km also is a nice solid distance to add to the progressive monthly goals. So Yay!

Cooler weather also helped tremendously.  This trail run kept getting delayed because every weekend in Jan and in early Feb was hot, like 30c plus (90f) hot.  I really didn’t want to do a trail run in 30c plus weather. Why? Because I knew this trail run would be hard, and I still wanted to give it my best shot.

Jan – 71.12km
Feb – 94.94km
Total – 166.06km
To go – 833.94

RM Feb 2014

March brings me into the peak phase of training for Tough Mudder which will be held on Sunday 23rd March.  I’m excited about this because I have a team, ok, a small team, but a team all the same.  The best part, is my mum will be doing it with me.

How’s your running coming along?
Best/worst run of Feb?


3 thoughts on “Feb 2014 – Running Stats”

  1. Jennifer Pug Pug

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to hear about your Tough Mudder!

    Things are eh. Could be better, right now, unfortunately, but can’t have the good without the bad.

  2. Great job on your February! I actually started running last week again for the first time in forever, it was only in 50 and 100 meter increments, but I have to build slowly right now so I keep the injury in the healing mode:) Good luck in your upcoming race!!!

    1. Yay for running, it might be small, but it’s something. Sounds like it might be another healing year for you, Either way I’m excited for you to being able to run.

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