Post Whole30

And you thought my whole30 rants would be over.  ‘Fraid not people.

Yes, I officially finished whole30 on 30th August, but just because it was over, didn’t mean that I could eat whatever I want.

The 10 days after whole30 ended was a reintroduction phase. Lactose, Gluten, Non Gluten & Legumes. The whole point of doing a reintroduction this way was to determine how my body processed these foods.

The first few days brought dairy back.
I was so excited about reintroducing these items: milk, cheese, and cream. Yay!
Well, I thought yay. Unfortunately No 🙁
Dairy made me feel awful, utterly awful.
I’m talking, wind pain, burping, farting, bloating, cranky, mood swings. You name it, I got it.
I think it’s safe to say I’m lactose intolerant.
I can still have lactose, just in small doses.  I’ve also discovered that if I have it in the morning it gives my body time to process it. I found that if I had it any later, I would be tossing and turning in my sleep, then wake up in a brain fog.

Gluten, well so far I’m ok with it, but I don’t really miss pasta or bread.

Non-Gluten – Things like Rice and Corn.  Rice I can tolerate, but it’s not as nice as I remember. Corn, I enjoy, again in small doses.  I’m looking forward to growing my own in our veggie patches.

Legumes – to be honest, I was never really into legumes in the first place.  The only legume I really consume is chickpeas, and I haven’t even had them yet.

So overall I’m a bit sad that I’m lactose intolerant, but I can have lactose-free milk (small amounts).  Whey powder I will have to change to pea protein powder when it’s empty.

One thing is for sure, Whole30 has really made me appreciate eating nutrient-dense foods. They taste so much better than that processed man-made stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I did have homemade sausage rolls, sweets, and whatnot, and they did taste good, but the feeling I got after them, was not so great. It has made me realise that the food that I put into my mouth has a bigger effect on me than I thought.  Especially on my moods and on my sleep. It also made me realise how much of a sugar addiction I had.  I try to steer clear of sugar now, because I know if I have something, then I just want more.

Does that mean I will stick to being Paleo? Well more likely primal than paleo.  I’m not going to be a nazi about it, but I do/will want my kids to be paleo eaters too.
Will I do Whole30 again? Yes most likely. I’m thinking early 2014.

6 thoughts on “Post Whole30”

  1. It makes sense to introduce things gradual to see who they individually effect you, that makes sense.
    Although I could never go this route myself (I don’t have the willpower and I enjoy occasional cheat foods a little too much:) I still am quite impressed not only did you make it through your month, but you have kept at it. Great job!!!

  2. Fantastic you’re doing so well post whole 30! Shame about the lactose thing…welcome to my world though! I’ve not lost out being lactose intolerant…just means I make more of the stuff I love at home! Then I know what’s in my food (and cakes) and avoid unhealthy foods when eating out!
    Keep up the good work 😉

    1. I’ve got some lactose tablets that I can take prior to me eating lactose that helps to break it down. But I don’t want to rely on it all the time.
      I’ll deal, as there are alternatives to dairy, like coconut milk (yum), and yes means more baking at home, which I love to do.

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