Yoga Challenge

Yoga must be on my mind, and on the minds of those around me.  That or it’s a conspiracy (another one, cause something similar happened to me just days before) I tell you!

It wasn’t until recently how much I enjoy it.  Not only does it make me feel more grounded and centred, it also makes me more relaxed

After doing two sessions of Bikram Yoga it totally reinforced to me that yoga is an essential part of my workout (and lifestyle) regime.

Now I wish I could do a Bikram yoga at least once a week, but living in the country there are no yoga classes available as it is, let alone a Bikram class. That means I will only be able to do a hot yoga class when I’m down in Melbourne visiting my family.

In the meantime, I will hit up some much-needed stretching at home.

Yoga At Home

  • Namaste Yoga
    Both Season 1 and 2.  I enjoy Namaste yoga, but I find the sessions short, at only only 22 minutes long.  With the ‘intense’ part of the series, being only 12 minutes long. I find that this particular series is good as my post workout stretch.
  • Essence of Living
    I have the Beginners and Intermediate dvd’s.  The last about 50-60 minutes.
  • YogaX
    Which is part of p90x. It goes for 90minutes, and let me tell you, it’s LONG.  It makes Bikram yoga a walk in the park when it comes to length.  I find I have to break this one up into two 45 minute sessions.

Fitness Challenge #1 for July is Yoga.

So watch this space to hear/read about my yoga experience.

Do you give yourself challenges to motivate you?


4 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge”

  1. Oh, yeah I motivate myself. Part of it for me is blogging. I found that when I slacked on blogging, I stopped running and eating as well. And now that I’ve been blogging again for a couple months, I ran 8 miles this morning. There’s definitely a correlation for me in terms of motivation.

    Do you ever just spin through Tumblr or Pinterest to see all the “fitspiration” and motivational memes and images? I find that when I spend a ton of time there, I get out and keep moving.

    I’m jealous, too. There aren’t any yoga studios in my town, and I was telling my wife recently about moving in the next year or two is partially inspired because there are yoga studios in the town we’re looking at (among other fitness amenities that aren’t local to us now).

    1. Yeah I find blogging is a huge motivator too, cause i’m like, well i have to put something up that is interesting.
      And I love pinterest, I can easily get lost in there for hours at a time. I’m not on Tumblr but there are a couple of blogs I follow via bloglovin that use tumblr. I love “reason’s to be fit”

      there are no yoga studio’s in the town I live in, but when I go visit my family in Melbourne, I can get access to one there. Maybe I can motivate more people in my home town… or maybe get yoga accredited and teach… we’ll see.

  2. Michelle Merrified

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your beginners yoga session 🙂 Yoga is such a fantastic complementary practice to enhance your training. Hope to see you on the mat on The Gold Coast sometime soon.

    1. I would love to come to one of your classes Michelle, but your dvd will have to do. Infact I’ve been a bit slack in the yoga department lately and I’m defiantly noticing the lack of flexibility so will need to add it back in again to training.

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