June Running Stats

Fifty percent of the year is done, 50% people! Wow is all I can say.

Therefore I should be 50% done with my running goal of Run 100okm in 2013.

First, let’s have a look at how things went in June.

RunMum June Stats

106.4km, even I am impressed over that effort.  If you are thinking why, well June was a bit of a weird month for me.  It was weird because well I got sick, I got some serious blisters from my (old) shoes, I also got new shoes, and didn’t really get to run the distances I was hoping for.
That being said I did have some really good runs and some ordinary ones. Such is life.

Monthly Breakdown

January – 83.7km
February – 89.3km
March – 110.14km
April – 113.41km
May – 79.93km
June – 106.40km
Total – 582.88km
To go – 417.12km

Based on this information I have gathered the following:

  1. If I run another 582.88km in the next 6 months I will run a total of 1165.76km, surpassing my goal by over 165km
  2. I only need to run a minimum of 16.04km in a week.
  3. That’s 4 runs of 4.01km or 3 runs at 5.34km.
  4. That’s 69.52km a month
  5. I’m currently running an average of 97.14km a month

Ok now I will stop being nerdy with running stats and let the numbers speak for themselves, and leave you with a 🙂

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