Dear Shoes

Part 5 of What I’ve Learnt

Dear Shoes (aka Asic Kayano’s),

Can you please stop giving me blisters?  My poor feet are not liking it.

No really shoes, I don’t understand why you are doing this to me, and why now?

When I got fitted for you, you were great.  Compared to my old Shoes, which were a cousin of yours by the way (GT’s, don’t ask me on which side, cause I don’t remember, does that matter anyway?), you are like running on clouds.

I mean I took the time to visit you at a specialist running shop.  I tired you on and other shoes.  I picked you, because well, you were comfy and you looked awesome.  I mean pink, why hello, you are funky and cool and fun.  Your brother in blue is pretty awesome too, so I had to get him too, but it took a couple of months for me to get him, cause well you aren’t cheap shoes.

So when we first started dating I will admit we did clash a little.  Yeah, you gave me a blister, but it had to do with the new cushioning and me not being used to it.

The thing is I’ve had you for nearly a year pinkies (bluey’s 9 months), and you are still great now, except when I peal off the socks to discover those damn blisters.

And before you go off as say “it’s your socks”, it’s not. I know this because I have tried various socks, including socks inside out, all without success. And yes I know I still have a couple of more socks to try but still. Me no likey.

So why am I writing to you shoes? I’m writing to you to give you a warning.  Cut it out, or I WILL retire you.  And I MAY NOT adopt your younger sisters or brothers, or cousins.  I may choose to go adopt an entirely new family.

So you have been warned!

Sincerely your owner,

Matilda aka Run Mum

Have your shoes caused you dramas?  If so what drama’s have you had, and how did you deal with them?

10 thoughts on “Dear Shoes”

  1. I just want to note, that I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but only scheduled it for today.
    My shoes are still giving me drama’s, in fact the blisters are getting a lot worse, and I’m getting them on my right foot as well. Not as bad as my left foot however (as it rolls in a bit more).
    So I’m off today to go shoe shopping, yay! I may not come away with asics, whatever shoe fits and makes my feet happy.

  2. My Mizuno Wave Rider 15s gave me the exact same trouble. My socks might have been part of the issue, but they were still decent socks. My blisters (and black toenail, but that was a sizing issue) were awful. Awful to the point of stopping at mile 7 of my first half marathon to adress those blisters. Ow, and unfortunately running shoes are expensive so I had to wait until the shoes were worn to get a new pair. I tried everything. I tried moleskin padding (didn’t work even though some runners swear by it), blister pads (Nexcare in the US makes some that have helped a little bit- I wear them on longer runs), everything. I am in a pair of Brooks now and haven’t had problems yet, but I also haven’t run over 7 miles in them.

    1. Well today I went to the running specialist (a different one) and I’m now in a new pair of shoes… they are not asics. I will blog about this experience, as wow it was an experience. But I’m excited.
      If you haven’t gotten blisters with your brooks, then sounds like they are the right type of fit/shoe for you.

    1. I got the Kayano’s May 2012, and at the time they were fantastic, I actually had no problems with them. It’s only been the last couple of months where they have been giving me drama’s. And yes lotions and bandaids and tapes…. i did all that and it offered some relief but didn’t stop it form happening.
      I’m hoping to go for a longer run in the new shoes in the next couple of days, providing I feel better (kids were sharing caring again and I’m sick again 🙁 )
      My new shoes are very different (in all aspects) to my old shoes. I will blog about it soon.

  3. I love this post! And my shoes are giving me blisters too. I have found that if I put glide or something similar on my toes it helps.. but not totally …

    1. I get blisters on my toes, but they don’t bother me. It’s the blisters on my soul that is bothersome, even when I walk in my old running shoes I can feel it rub, new shoes, no problems. I promise a new post about it will be coming soon, on my review of the new shoes.

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