Bikram yoga

I’m not too sure when I fell in love with yoga. It was just something that I always wanted to try, and when I tired it I like how it made me feel.

When my parents relocated from Brisbane back to Melbourne 2 years ago they moved to Hoppers Crossing.  On a visit down to see them, my sister and I went around the area to see what was around.  We discovered quite a few things.  Like a wholesale butcher that has meets at awesome prices, and some other little gems.  One of those was Bikram Yoga Werribee.

Bikram Yoga Werribee
Now doing yoga in a class environment it very different to doing yoga in the comfort of your own home.  If you have never gone to a class before then it may be something you may want to consider.

Bikram Yoga is different to ‘normal’ yoga in the sense that you are doing your 26 poses in a room that is 40C | 104F.  So yes it’s hot. I was actually surprised that you get use to the heat.  You also get use to the sweating, and believe me you sweat a lot.

But wow did I have fun.  That 90 minute class just flew by, like seriously, I’ve tired to do a 90 minute p90x yoga class at home, and well i had to break it up into 2 parts.  This is a whole different kettle of fish.  There is something about doing a group class with other people in the room that is totally different than doing it at home.
When I do yoga a home, I find that my mind wanders.  In the class environment however I was just focus on doing the poses and nothing else.  Sure there were some poses that were difficult for me and I lost my balance, but I did what I could.  Having the guidance of a teacher as well is extremely valuable. I came away with more knowledge on the poses.

Will I do it again.  HELL YES!  It’s just a shame, that Stawell doesn’t offer it.  Oh well just another reason to come visit my parents I guess.

So have you ever tried a yoga class before?  Bikram or not, what did you think of it?

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  1. I have tried Bikram yoga before. I really enjoyed it! I haven’t been for a while though. Something about it being summer and already 107 degrees outside and walking into the studio holds me back.
    Awesome that you enjoyed it and will be back!

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