May Running Stats

Five running months down, only 7 months to go to finish my 1000km Challenge.

So how did May go?  Well compared to April, not that great.  Am I upset about it? No, and I’m ok with that.  See I got sick (just a cold), so looking after myself was a top priority, and I enjoyed my (obviously) much-needed rest. Now I’m feeling great.  As my dad would say “six goals up and kicking with the wind” (he’s into Aussie Rules Football).


Overall I’m still happy with my results for May. 

Garmin gives me more km though at 79.93, and Run Keeper gives me a different number altogether as well at 72.7km…. hmm what gives?  The average works out to be 76.28km anyway.

So here is the running total:
January – 83.7km
February – 89.3km
March – 110.14km
April – 113.41km
May – 79.93km (going with Garmin)
Total – 476.48
To go – 523.52

So really if you think about it, I only need to run 23.52km in June to be halfway towards my 1000km running goal.  At this stage, I have this goal in the bag.

Do you having any running goals? If so what are they and how are the coming along?

2 thoughts on “May Running Stats”

  1. Wahoo, great job so far! I have some goals, but I am hoping beyond hoping that I can start running again in the next few weeks, and then start working on those goals!!!

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