Push for those goals

While filing some paperwork on the weekend I came across an old goals list.

It wasn’t a super old goal list, only one from June 2012.

At a quick glance, I realised that I achieved 50% of my goals already.

Yes 50% of them.

There were 10 goals on the list, and 5 of them were achieved.

The rest of them are a work in progress, one of them will be completed very soon.

Goals Achieved

  1. Get to 65kg
  2. Run a sub 25min 5km  (achieved 25th August 2012)
  3. Run a sub 55min 10km (achieved 17th August 2012)
  4. Finish a half marathon (achieved 15th July 2012)
  5. Run a half marathon (achieved 15th July 2012)

This is the power of a goal and writing it down.


You can wish as much as you like, but if you don’t actually put your goal down in writing, whether that be the old pen and paper way, or via your phone/computer, then goals are not goals, but wishes.

I wish for a lot of stuff, but as soon as I put it in writing it really does push me to go out and get it.

There are many things I want to achieve both in the interim period, but also long term.

When you reverse engineer a goal (working backward from end to beginning), you will clearly see what you need to do by when. You’ll soon work out if your goal is that, a goal or just a wish.

One day I could see myself running a marathon.

Running a marathon right now however clashes with my clarity statement, which relates to my family.  It’s also a time factor.  So when I get some time freed up then yes it will it’s something I will consider and to put on a future goal list.

Try writing a goal list today, and you will and can achieve great things.

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