Preparing for The Asylum

Time to commit me to the Asylum, because this healthy endeavor has made me a lot more organised.

Working on my clarity statement, defying my goals and getting fit and healthy have made me a more organised person.

Staying organised and on top of things helps me to stay accountable. Deadlines give me the extra push to get the job done.

While looking at my calendar, which I look at every day, this time around I was looking at what was coming up (as I do every week), and I realised that I only 4 weeks left of the training program that I am on.

I’m currently doing a P90x/Turbofire hybrid (with running, I just sub the cardio portion with the running instead – on my allocated running days).

Shaun T’s Beachbody program Insanity the Asylum has always been on my radar.


It’s a 30-day program, and I plan on extending it out to 10 weeks. This will allow me to fit in all the other things I want to do, but still, get ready for Tough Mudder.

The workouts are getting marked out in my calendar/training diary.

Using a Training Diary

  1. I like being prepared
  2. It keeps me organised
  3. It makes me accountable
  4. It keeps me fit and healthy

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