Race Review: Run For Russ 2012

The Ace Radio Wimmera Grampians heart challenge aka Run For Russ was my 4th ‘fun run’ for the year.

  1.  Run for the kids (5.2km)
  2.  Run the Gap (11.5km)
  3.  Run Melbourne (21.1km)
  4.  Run for Rus (10km)

The best part about it was that I didn’t have to go far.  Just a short walk from my house to the event site. WIN!

Run For Russ Run

So when they said registration would be open between 7.15 & 8.15 am, we walked over got my number (4), and then walked back home to 1. keep warm, and 2. kill some time.

The race was supposed to start at 9 am, but alas it didn’t start until 9.30 am. I’m not too sure how many entered in the 10km but it wasn’t as many as the 5km run or the 5km walk.

I had aimed to run the 10km in under 54mins (so 53.59). So I set my Garmin pace for 5.18min which would get me a 53min time.