One Step Closer

I’m getting one step closer to my goals in pretty much all aspects and area’s in my life.

One of my goals is to run 5km in under 25mins (so a sub 25).  Yesterday I got pretty damn close.  It was the Steven Baird Handicap at the SAAC.  I was given a handicap of 8.25mins. My win from 2 weeks ago means now I have a bigger handicap, so now I have to work harder (which is a good thing, it pushes you). The course however was a little longer than 5km.  It ended up being 5.22 according to my garmin. So here are my stats.
5.22m time – 26.53(from time keeper) or 26.49 (from my garmin)
5km – 25.28 (from my garmin)

Avg Pace

The last 1km was all up hill, and let me tell you that was hard work, hence why my pace dropped from 5min average to nearly 6mins. I ended up coming in 9th out of 13. Which I will take. 1 because I finished it. 2 because I got a pretty damn good time for me, in fact a new personal best. It means all the hard work that I am putting in with training is helping.  And it’s true that going longer distances can really help with shorter distances (and vice versa, if you do speedwork in the short distances).  Next week there is no race because of school holidays, and the weekend after that I wont be able to participate (and it’s only 3km too) because I will be in Melbourne for my 1st ever half marathon.  I think I really will be able to run the whole thing, but even if I don’t it doesn’t matter because I would have reached one of my goals.

I’m also one step closer to my ultimate weight goal.  My UMG is 62kg as that would mean I would be a bmi of 21 (which is middle of range). Tomorrow is technically weigh in day but because of circumstances outside of my (a funeral 🙁 ) I decided to just do it today. I’ve now officially lost my son. He is 13kg and he is heavy.  I can carry him, but after a while you really feel it.  It’s a good reminder not to ever go there again.  I can’t believe I carried that around for so long. It’s so good to have it gone.  I feel so much better with out it.

I’m also another stop closer to a ‘vanity’ goal. Yes, yes I know, I know a vanity goal.  But I have always wanted to totally rock a bikini and not feel self concious about it.  And having just had the shortest day of the year go by summer is on it’s way (ok so it’s still going to be a while, but the days are getting longer, and it will eventually get warmer, yay cause chill blains totally suck ass!), yay summer! I’m looking forward to some sun, skirts, dresses, singlets, and of course that bikini.  However I wont know if I totally rock that bikini until I get approval from the opposite sex, cause well I will always be self critical of myself.

I really do love how everything is falling into place.  I haven’t felt this happy in a long time, and you know what, it’s all totally worth it.

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