When the Family Runs SAAC

Back in Horsham with the entire family to run the SAAC event.

This week, saw the seniors (ok me), run 6.5km on a flat track (unheard of here in Stawell), while the sub-juniors ran 1km.

Miles, at 3 decided he wanted to have a go.

The sub-juniors got a lift out in the back of a ute, I’m sure the highlight of their day, to the start line.

I was unsure how miles would go considering his age. His run was my walk, but he did it, running the 1km in just under 10 minutes.

Kayla, the superstar that she is, runs independently and smashed out a time of 5:54. A sub-6-minute pace! I know adults who can’t run that fast. What a little pocket rocket.

I’m so glad they enjoyed the run, it means we can spend quality time together as a family that is also fun and healthy.

To see the SAAC article go here

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