Why Onion?

My dad has always called me cebollita, which means little onion in Spanish.

I’ve done blogging before but I figured I would give it another go. Why? Well for a lot of reasons.  One of those reasons is my life is very different now than it was 1 year ago.  If I can help just one person in their journey then my job is done.

One year ago (2011), I was fat, 78kg to be exact. I felt fat, I looked fat, and I was just plain miserable.  

Things couldn’t go on this way, so I decided to change, inside and out.

I started exercising.

I thought I was healthy, but it wasn’t until I got the heart rate up that I realised how unfit and healthy I had become.

My world changed when a friend mentioned she was doing Turbofire. Having never heard of it before I decided to investigate further.

After watching the infomercial, I was sold. I got it and never looked back.

In one of the workouts, Chalene said “you got to write down what you are eating”.  Yes, I had heard that term before but for some reason, it really stuck with me this time.  So I joined MyFitnessPal again and started logging my calories.  

It took a month of exercising to get to MyFitnessPal.  It then took until October for me to come across Chalene’s 30-day Push.

This program really changed my life. That I’m truly thankful for the journey that I have been on, and the one that I’m going to take. 

Like an onion, my life has many layers.  

The original blog post was from my blog on MyFitnessPal.

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