I Ran

Originally from August 2011 – My Fitness Pal

I’m not a runner

I use to be a runner back in high school (many moons ago).

In fact, I use to do a lot of cross country running. It was hard work, let me tell you. I gave it up because I just didn’t like it.

Well, now I’m getting back into it.

I find that it’s the only thing that really pushes me cardio-wise, well outside of the house that is.

I still love the Beachbody workouts, Turbofire and P90, and I will continue to do them. I have my resistance bands and love doing their sculpting workouts. Their cardio workouts rock. Well, the Turbofire ones at least. I find that the P90 sweat 1-2 is good, but doesn’t get my heart rate up.

The reason I’m starting running again is because of the following;

  1. It gets me out of the house.
  2. Because now that the days are getting warmer and its’ not raining, I can.

I’m not a huge fan of running in the rain.

So today I ran. I was aiming for a 20minute workout. I did complete the 20 minutes. I walked for a bit, but I did run. And it hurt my ankles, but I know the more I do it the stronger they will get.

The results of today’s session were:

  • 3.35km
  • 23.11mins
  • 6’54” km
  • 270cal

After my Nike iPod told me 20minutes were up I was relieved. But then I saw I was just shy of 3k. So I decided to change the song (it somehow ended up on repeat 4 times, and drove me bonkers) and rocked it out.

Needless to say,I have changed my iPod playlist and put way better songs on there, that is pumping. I’m hoping that this will help me with my first goal. And that is to run 3km in 20mins (or under). Then I will build from there, 4k in 25mins, and 5k in 30mins.

But one step at a time. One goal at a time.

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