Decade Reflection

Ten years ago, I ran the inaugural Run the Gap.

This event holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I met Tom (yes my husband).

Every year, we have been involved in this event in some capacity.

It then got me thinking, of all the things I have done in the last ten years.

This blog has evolved in the last decade.

From the journal/blog on MyFitnessPal, to life of an Onion Girl days, to RunMum, then to finally rebranding to just me in 2019/2020.

In ten years, I have published over 1,000 blog posts!

Yes, over 1,000!

So let’s step back in time and see exactly where I have come from.

I Ran

I guess you could say that this was my first official blog post, which I ended up copying from the journal/blog on MyFitnessPal.

It’s raw, but it’s real. It’s from August 2011.

I’m super proud of August 2011 me. She ran, she gave it her all. She’s determined. And that just makes me so happy.

I Ran blog post can be found here.

Tough Mudder & Spartan Races

Tough Mudder #4

In Jan 2013 I competed in my very first Tough Mudder adventure.

I would then go on to do another four!

Tough Mudder #1 Melbourne, Grand Prix Race Course, Phillip Island

Tough Mudder #2 Melbourne, Grand Prix Race Course, Phillip Island. Did this one with Paul & my Mum!

Tough Mudder #3 Adelaide, Langhorne Creek, South Australia.

Tough Mudder #4 State Motorcycle Sports Complex Broadford

If doing four Tough Mudders wasn’t enough, I did 3 Spartan Races!

Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015

Spartan Race #1 Lake Dewar, Victoria

Spartan Race #2 Lake Dewar, Victoria

Spartan Race #3 Kardinia Park, Geelong, Victoria

I stopped doing obstacle races because I wasn’t enjoying them like I use to.

Instead, I switched to trail running, as that was where my heart was.

Trail running has taken me to some beautiful parts of the country.

It also challenged me and changed me.

It’s hard to imagine that I would love trail running so much, considering my first ever trail event at the Surf Coast Trail Marathon was a bit of a disaster.

In those ten years, I have had countless personal bests over varying distances.

Most recently a 50km personal best at the Warburton Trail Festival.

Looking back, I have learned so much.

  • Creating goals
  • Stacking habits
  • Personal bests
  • Changing my mindset
  • Learning and exploring nutrition
  • Traveling to new places
  • Experiencing adventures
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation
  • Cooking experiments
  • Growth

Who knows what the next decade will bring.

One thing is for sure, I still want to create and share content with other like-minded individuals.

Let me be your running BFF, and help you on your running journey.

Bring on the adventures of the next decade!

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