Lofty Legs and Dodgy Showers: A Club Relay to Remember!

Forget your average jog around the track. This week’s club run was a full-blown relay race – the “Lofty Legs” – a tribute to our unforgettable member, Keith Lofthouse.

Lofty? A character! He’d butcher your name (affectionately, of course) but always had a listening ear and a story (or two) to share. And the prizes? Random! From obscure DVDs to, believe it or not, steak knives (the best, by the way – still using mine!).

This race, I knew, was unmissable.

Eight teams with punny names (think “Amber’s Amazing Athletes” and “Leon’s Long-Lasting Legs”) battled it out on the track. Nathaniel, our timekeeper extraordinaire, placed me with Ang and Maeve in “Rickard’s Rockets.”

Ang, our powerhouse, tackled eight laps, while Maeve and I split five each. Teamwork! We decided on single laps, with Ang starting and finishing, and Maeve and I alternating.

The atmosphere crackled with energy as we lined up. Finally, Ang crossed the finish line, signalling my turn. I grabbed the “baton” – wait, what? This wasn’t your typical baton. More like a…rusty wrench? (Turns out, a broken showerhead!) Laughter erupted, but the race must go on!

Maybe the adrenaline, maybe the dodgy baton (who can say?), but I flew out the gates – a rookie mistake, I soon realised. Thankfully, short breaks between laps helped me recover. My times? Surprisingly consistent, ranging from 1:33 to 1:41.

The camaraderie was incredible. We cheered for every team, pushing each other to our limits.

Finally, Ang finished her final lap. Back in the clubhouse, the suspense built as Nathaniel revealed the results. And the winner…? Rickard’s Rockets clocked in at 29:17.9!

Did the showerhead give us an edge? Was it Lofty’s spirit watching over us? The world may never know. But one thing’s for sure: this relay was a hilarious, heartwarming tribute to a legendary member and a memory I’ll cherish.

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