Surprise Adventure: From Paddy’s Castle to the Top of Mt. Thackeray!

Let’s face it, my adventure tank was running on fumes. But then, BAM! Tom drops a surprise like a ninja with a picnic basket. “Shower, lunch, pack your bags, adventure awaits!” he declares.

Kids occupied, snacks and water secured, we set off. First stop: Paddy’s Castle, a place I hadn’t seen in a decade. Talk about a blast from the past! This short walk might only be 350 meters, but the view stretches for miles, immersing you in pure nature.

Next, we hit Moora Moora Reserve. The recent rain had transformed it into a watery wonderland! We even spotted some adorable water rats with their telltale white-tipped tails (no platypus this time, but the dream lives on!).

Now, the real mystery began. I had no clue where we were headed, but our trusty AWD Subaru Outback was earning its keep. We cruised past a sign for “The Fortress” (a 16km adventure for another day) and finally arrived at our ultimate destination: Mt. Thackeray!

This hike had been on my bucket list forever, but its 4WD-only access kept it out of reach. Thankfully, the weather gods were smiling – tackling this in the rain wouldn’t be pretty.

Don’t let the short 2.5km distance fool you. This Grade 4 beast threw everything at us: bushwhacking, sketchy markings, and a heart-pounding 40% incline in the final stretch. It was a challenge, but reaching the top and being rewarded with those breathtaking 360° views of the Victoria Valley? Totally worth it.

Sunset was approaching, so we reluctantly descended, vowing to return for a sunrise-sunset camping extravaganza next time.

Mission: Adventure.
Status: Accomplished. And with a serious case of wanderlust for the next challenge!

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