Project 52 – Week 13

It was the weekend my sister was supposed to visit.

Kayla had it all organised that she was going to take her to MacKenzie’s Fall.

Well, I rang my sister on Thursday to ask her what time she was going to get here on Friday, only to find out she had double booked herself and she wasn’t going to make it.

While disappointed, we decided to keep to our original plans and go out to the Grampians and just have a lazy weekend.

We took the opportunity to do maintenance on our geocache, and also go visit a few other caches in the area.

One of these particular caches we had visited before, but we decided to revisit it as inside the cache was the part code to visit another cache.

It was not far from this cache location that this week’s photo is taken.

Week 13 – Mt Ida

There are no direct paths or tracks to Mt Ida, but it’s easy to get to via the Bellfield fireline.

It offers a great view down into the valley of Halls Gap and gives you not only views of the Serra Range (aka the Wonderland Range) but of the Mt William Range (or views up to Boronia Peak).

We had a lovely time exploring and may plan a new cache here, we haven’t decided yet.

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