Mt Zero & the Western Flank

Mura Mura is the indigenous name for Mt Zero. It is located at the northern end of the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park.

Named Major Mitchell when he passed through the area in 1836.  It happened to be zero degrees at the time.  Brr, cold.

It wasn’t cold on this particular day. If anything we were properly slightly overdressed.  But I dressed myself and the kids according to Stawell weather, and it was rather chilly.

Either way covering up is a form of UV protection, and it means just sunscreen on my face and hands.

So while it was warmer than expected, it was still a perfect day to take the family out to the park to explore.

We loaded the GPS with some caches, packed a picnic lunch and we were off.

Arriving at Flat Rock car park, we packed a few snacks, water, and of course the camera.

Track to Mt Zero

The hike to Mt Zero is relatively short and can be done in an hour. So quite suitable for kids.

About halfway up the track splits, with two options, through a crevice or around it.

Miles picked the crevice.  While Kayla wanted to go the other way, once she was in there, the thought of the alternative path was just a distant memory.

At the top, we had magnificent views of Flat Rock & Mt Stayplton.

Mt Stapylton Range

Once we got back to the Flat Rock car park, we had lunch before deciding to a section at the base of Flat Rock, called the Western Flank.

There are no designated paths to this area, but there is a sort of path made by rock climbers who like to visit the area.

This part of the park is relatively unknown but does have interesting graffiti from 1917 & 1918.

hike & seek

Shaded by the Flank it was quite cool, but the views were simply awe-inspiring.

The kids had a ball rock hopping, and admiring the beauty that nature has to offer.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without getting a family photo.

We will return one day, maybe to hide a cache or two.

4 thoughts on “Mt Zero & the Western Flank”

  1. Such a beautiful hike!
    For one of my classes I have to plan all the logistics for a trip (kinda a fun project, even though there is a lot of math going into it that may not be so fun) anyhow, I am actually doing mine on Australia and plan to include the Grampians on the itinerary mostly because after all your posts on the beautiful place, I can’t imagine a trip there without hiking them!

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