The Indigenous name for Lake Wartook is Werdug.

It is also the Day 3 campsite for those traveling along the Grampians Peak Trail, at approximately the 37km mark.

My first visit to the Lake Wartook lookout (Badji-dadjing) was back in December 2017, with my sister.

This was prior to the Grampians Peaks Trail officially opening.

It wouldn’t be until 2022, for me to visit the lookout again.

There is various way of accessing the Badji-dadjing lookout.

Option 1:

From Lake Wartook car park on Mt Difficult Rd. Approximately 5km from Boroka Lookout.

It’s a 1.2km return walk from the trailhead.

Views from Werdug to Halls Gap

Option 2:

Along the Grampians Peak Trail.

You will visit Werdug, on approximately day 3 of your 10 day adventure.

The Badji-dadjing lookout is a further 2.3km from the Werdug campsite.

Views along the Mt Difficult Range

Option 3:

Day hike from Halls Gap along the GPT, via Chatauqua Peak.

Will take approximately 4 hours if you are hiking, or 2 hours if you are fast packing, trail running.

Views of Wonderland, from the back of Chatauqua Peak

This will require a car drop.

It’s a 30 minute drive from Halls Gap to get to the trail head.

It’s a sealed road up until Boroka lookout. Then it’s a dirt road for a further 5km. It has recently been graded and ok for 2wd. Recommendations for 4WD in poor conditions.

You can also do it from the lookout down the mountain range as an alternative.

Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.

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