Hollow Mountain – Wudjub guyan

When the opportunity arises, Tom and I will go exploring in the park.

With 169,000 hectares, there are always places to explore.  On and off track.

This particular day was no exception for an adventure.

With a packed lunch we decided to head to the northern end of the park and explore Hollow Mountain.

Our intention was to find a newly published cache.

While we didn’t find the cache we knew we had to come back with the kids.

A few weeks later we came back to explore the wind cave and then hike up to Hollow Mountain.

Miles is a rockhopper, and there were moments when he really scares me because he simply has no fear.

A future rock climber that’s for sure.

He was in his element and was enjoying every moment.

Arriving at the wind cave the kids had a ball exploring every nook and cranny.

The shapes and colours on the cave just made it incredibly fascinating too .

A little further on from the wind cave is Hollow Mountain, not to be confused with Hollow Cave which is located over in the Vic Range.

On this particular day, Hollow Mountain was filled with boulders so we were unable to explore the cave itself.

So we continued on to the top of Hollow Mountain instead, to soak up a 360° of the Northern Grampians.

What a view it was.

Needless to say, we all enjoyed our visit to the top of Hollow Mountain.

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