Manja Shelter

Manja Shelter is a short 15min drive from Buandik Campground where we had stayed the previous night. Or approximately 1 hour from Halls Gap.

This particular walk is short, at only 2.5km (return).

Manja Shelter Walk

This gentle walk will take you through native daisies, desert banksia and hakea forest in sandy woodlands.

You will pass rock formations like the following.

Manja Shelter Rocks

They scream “climb me”, which of course the kids had to do.

It is further up the track that you will find shelter.

You may find it difficult to see the artwork of young hands and emu tracks.

Manja Shelter

The shelter itself is just beautiful, and the surrounding area is fascinating to explore.

In fact, we spent about 30-40 minutes there, admiring the view, climbing, bouldering and discovering a geocache!

Geocache Manja Shelter

I love accidental finds, and this one was no exception.

While admiring the view, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  I thought I was seeing things because staring back at me was a giant cat’s eye like that of Toothless from “How to train a dragon”.

I thought “well that’s odd”, on further inspection we discovered it was a box, with the “Grampians Black Panther” guarding it.

We have never done geocaching, but discovering this has made us sign up (we are kami_tomato), so we can continue to geocache as a family.

I’m not going to tell you the exact location of the geocache, because well that would take out the element of surprise, and where is the fun in that?

But if you do decide to head out to Manja Shelter, do look out for the Black Panther.

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