Product Review: Proviz Reflect360 Long Sleeve Top

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Staying Seen and Warm

For early morning runs in the winter, visibility and warmth are two non-negotiables. I recently picked up the Proviz REFLECT360 Women’s Long Sleeve Top in both white and lilac to see if it could tick both boxes. Here’s what I found after putting it through its paces on a few chilly pre-dawn runs.

Safety First: High Visibility Design

The star of the show here is the REFLECT360 technology. The patterned reflectivity on the arms really comes alive when hit by headlights, giving you a sense of security knowing you’ll be noticed by drivers. Both the white and lilac colour options performed well, but the white provided a little extra punch in terms of reflecting light.

Keeping Warm Without Weighing You Down

The top is made from a 125gr interlock polyester that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. It’s lightweight enough that you won’t feel weighed down, but thick enough to provide some warmth on those crisp mornings. While it won’t replace a winter jacket on the coldest days, it’s a great layering piece and perfect for those in-between weather conditions.

Additional Perks

Proviz hasn’t skimped on the extras with this top. The moisture-wicking fabric did a great job of keeping me sweat-free, and the chafe-free design meant no irritation during my runs. Plus, the reflective logos are a nice touch for added visibility.

Overall Impression

The Proviz REFLECT360 range is a great choice for runners who prioritize safety and comfort during low-light workouts. It’s well-made, functional, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. Whether you’re running in the pre-dawn hours or the twilight, this top will keep you visible and warm during your winter kilometres.

Bonus Tip: For even more warmth on those extra chilly mornings, consider layering this top under a running vest or gilet.

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