Conquering a Run in Perimenopause

From “Ugh” to “Wow!”: (Yes, You Can!)

Let’s talk about conquering those “I-can’t-do-this” moments. We’ve all been there, staring down a challenge that feels like Mount Everest in thongs (aka flip-flops).

This week, it was a 90-minute run on my training plan. 90 minutes? Easy peasy, right? I’ve run for five hours before! But life, as they say, throws curveballs. Perimenopause decided to join the party, and suddenly, my once-unbreakable running machine wasn’t feeling quite so invincible.

Walking? No shame! Sometimes, those walk breaks are like tiny bursts of superhero fuel. Instead of dreading a slog, I decided to get strategic. Enter the glorious world of 4:1 intervals: run for 4 minutes, walk for 1. Plus, a little energy gel never hurts.

Guess what? Here’s the epic part: I CRUSHED IT! Not only did I conquer the 90 minutes, but I even managed a negative split (that’s runner talk for getting faster as you go). Boom!

The point? Even when your body throws you a curveball, you can still achieve amazing things. Here’s to adapting, celebrating those walk breaks, and proving to ourselves (and maybe perimenopause) that we’re freaking awesome!

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