From Speed Demon to Nature Seeker

My Evolving Relationship with Running

The sun beat down on my back as I navigated the never-ending tracks. My legs ached, my breath rasped, but a wild grin stretched across my face. This was the 50km Surf Coast Century, and I was conquering it!

But that was 2019. These days, the thought of pushing myself to the limit in a race fills me not with excitement, but with a deep sense of fatigue.

I’ve crushed 5Ks, pushed through Spartan races, and traversed muddy obstacles in Tough Mudders. Trail running captivated me, leading me from a 26km jaunt to completely bypassing marathons and diving straight into ultras.

Life throws curveballs, doesn’t it? Maybe it was the stress of a job change, the whispers of perimenopause, or simply the ticking clock of age. Whatever the reason, races have lost their allure. The pursuit of speed and distance no longer ignites a spark.

As I reflect on the gruelling training sessions for those long runs, a part of me wonders, “Did I really do that?” But that’s the beauty of growth, isn’t it? We push our limits, discover new passions, and evolve.

Standing at this crossroads, the thrill of the unknown outweighs any doubts. running may need a break, but that opens the door to redefining my fitness adventure. Where will this path lead? That, my friends, is the exciting part!

A recent unexpected exploration of Mt Thackeray, reignited a forgotten flame – a love for getting lost (well, not literally) in the beauty of Gariwerd (the Grampians, but also other National Parks).

While pounding the pavement might be on hold, or reduced, I have a feeling hiking will always hold a special place in my heart.

Overnight adventures, something I’ve never tackled before, are particularly enticing. The best part? sharing these experiences with my trusty sidekick, Tom.

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